Selling an ITAM program internally

The salesman knows nothing of what he is selling save that he is charging a great deal too much for it. ~Oscar Wilde

Occasionally, we will run into someone who asks us for advice on how to get buy-in for an ITAM program within their company. That one person alone seems to see a value in managing IT Assets but doesn’t know how to get any support. Getting that support can often be an uphill battle, especially when that one person doesn’t have any control or influence over the budget.

The first step is to try and educate the folks you need for support. The more they know about ITAM, the more likely they will also see the value. Pass on articles (how about share one of ours!) that might be relevant to your situation. It helps to try and match information with the person/group you’re trying to influence.

The next step is to show some value where you can. Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used ITAM tool. Show some ROI (Return on Investment), especially when the investment is only time. One of the goals of IT Asset Management is to help IT save money, so by showing either savings or a cost avoidance, you’re practicing ITAM.

Sometimes the toughest piece to sell is to your executive support. Learn as much about the strategic direction your company is taking and try and match up some ITAM benefits to that direction. See if there is an initiative to save a certain amount of money per year. Or maybe your company is going green. In that case try and tie in your disposal program to that green initiative. The more ways you can tailor your ITAM program to supporting overall company goals, the more likely you’ll get that support from the top.

If you’d like us to answer a question for you, send it to us on Twitter @ITS_ITAMTeam with the hashtag #BlogQuestion and we may write a blog post about it!

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