Introduction to PPC

We’d like to introduce you to Poor Process Company (PPC) a completely fictional, totally made up company.  (Seriously, we made this up.  Any resemblance to any existing organization is purely unintentional.)  PPC is a company which will, through a series of blog posts, learn the importance of having an ITAM program. Some of the situations PPC will find themselves in are similar in nature to things this team has dealt with both as practicing IT Asset Managers and as ITAM consultants, but obfuscated and sensationalized.  (No actual customer data, or recognizable scenario is going to be repeated here.  Again, anything that looks recognizable is purely unintentional.)

PPC is an R&D organization with 4000 employees located in a major metropolitan area.  They have 3 physical locations with one main campus containing 3 buildings and two satellite offices with one that resides in the neighboring state.

 Here are some facts about PPC’s assets:

·         3000 Laptops
·         1500 Desktops
·         500 Pro Workstations
·         300 Physical Servers
·         Some Virtual Servers

 Next, meet the team:

·         Bob Topguy, CIO (a.k.a. “Management”)
·         Pedro Dinero, IT Finance Manager
·         Susann Spender, IT Procurement
·         Chet Backend, Data Center/Server Manager
·         Wally Wireguy, Network Manager
·         Dora Desker, Desktop Manager
·         Paula Phoner, Helpdesk Manager
·         Stephanie Stocker, Inventory Manager

In the next few posts, we are going to see how PPC comes to realize that they need to start practicing ITAM.  Stay tuned!!

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