Bad disposal process can lead to bad press

In today’s world, we hear about security breach after security breach. The sources of these breaches are varied and can include: hackers stealing data, hardware coming up missing and (for some) equipment that has left the company through the disposal process with sensitive data still on the device. A significant number of ITAM Programs focuses on the early to mid-stages of an asset lifecycle. Unfortunately like Software Asset Management, Disposal requires valid data and sound processes beforehand to ensure accuracy in truck

You may be familiar with a now famous Texas plumbing company that disposed of their work truck that traded many hands but yet somehow found its way to Syria, which received notice via a tweeted picture (from Comedy Central and US News & World Report). Public opinion started to question the plumbing company’s loyalty and asked them for answers.  If they had only removed their name from the truck, nobody would have ever known about it.

A company’s responsibility for Disposal Management does not end at the door. Random spot checks to double check your disposal vendor of choice is still living up their end of the agreement, whether that is reselling to disassemble.  In addition, it’s important to make sure you are getting and saving “Certificates of Disposal”. These things can help mitigate or even eliminate the damage of bad press, security breaches, and possible fines.

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