PPC made a mistake!

PPC, our completely fictional company, hired a consultant to package some software.  While packaging the software, the consultant noticed something odd in the PPC’s standard set of software.  The consultant noticed that PPC Microsoft Office Professional 2013 installed on all of their computers.  When the consultant checked with Dora Desker, the IT Desktop Manager, Dora told the consultant that PPC has an Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Microsoft for their Office licensing.

Fortunately for PPC, the consultant had some knowledge of Microsoft licensing.  He knew that Microsoft only offers Office Professional Plus 2013 with an EA, not Office Professional 2013.  The consultant then checked with Susann Spender, the IT Procurement person, and verified that PPC should be using Office Professional Plus 2013.  Uh oh!!

So now what?  PPC was forced into a “fire drill” project to remove Office Professional 2013 and install Office Professional Plus 2013!  Take a minute and imagine the cost of that mistake.  PPC has 5000 computers that need to have a software uninstalled and reinstalled.  Just imagine if PPC had been audited.

So what did PPC do wrong?  First the obvious thing, installing the wrong version of software!  But how could that have been avoided? Better communication, better software management, and better change management could have prevented this problem.

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