Is an ITAM Managed Service right for your Organization?

Using a Managed Service can be one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your organizations ITAM program.

Be it an established ITAM program or one just being spun up, an organization needs to address both hardware and software aspects of ITAM. The average company does not typically have the staffing or knowledge to effectively both areas out of the gate. This leaves them with a few options:
1.       Figure it out as they go along (increasing risk)
2.       Hiring experience ITAM personnel (which takes time and increased overhead)
3.       Hiring a Managed Services provider (which provides the expertise without the overhead of permanent employees)

Software publishers regularly audit their customers. A significant amount of time can be spent on audit preparation and response. A survey of Fortune 500 companies has shown that they spend 50-75% of their time every year dealing with audits. This leaves very little time to deal with the day-to-day activities of an ITAM program.

What would a Managed Service bring to the table?

First, let’s discuss what a Managed Service is. A Managed Service is defined as the outsourcing of IT responsibilities for a defined function or specified activities under a contract between the Managed Service Provider and the Client.

ITAM Managed Services are usually centered around the following activities:

•        Harvesting and reallocation of licenses
•        Validation and tracking of software usage
•        Determination and monitoring of license compliance positions
•        ITAM reporting
•        Supporting ITAM tools (discovery tools, asset repositories, license management tools)
•        Validation and tracking of hardware usage
•        Tracking of hardware warranties
•        Tracking of leased assets
•        Tracking the disposition of disposed assets

By utilizing a Managed Service, an organization can gain the benefits of an experienced staff without having to deal with the costs around full-time employees. The ITAM team can focus its efforts on more important topics while knowing that day to day activities are being completed in a timely fashion.

Contact ITS Partners today if you are interested in discussing out ITAM Managed Services offerings.

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